MotoMazing / SUV Driving Skills / Level 1

Who should take this program?


Anyone who has an SUV, and would like to learn how the Moto can be used on different terrains, and challenging roads. This program handholds drivers to understand the capability of their Motos in a safe environment, and provides a structured, step by step understanding of how to use the SUV. This includes training on the vehicle itself, driving skills, and the understanding of what limits can be pushed. 


The program is part of a 3 level training program, resulting in certification by experts.


Instructor: S. Srikanth

Location: The MotoMazing Adventure Park

With your own offroad track, you always have a place to practice and learn!

Address : The MotoMazing Adventure Park, Damdama Lake Road, Shahid Smarak, Sohna, Haryana. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you may have, answered by S. Srikanth, MotoMazing Master. 


  1. I do not have an SUV, but am willing to participate. Can I hire an SUV from you? 

    A limited no. of SUVs will be available on first-cum-first-serve-basis. So please call Srikanth to book yours when you book the training slot. He is at +91 98111 11650.

  2. What will I get to learn at Level 1 SUV training? 

    An SUV driver needs all sorts of skills to be able to take the most of the Moto. In Level1, we focus on the basics...stuff that all of should know. This includes understanding the vehicle, what it is capable of, and what limits are we as drivers ready for. Like in all skill-based programs, people enter with various levels of skills already.  This is to make people comfortable with the idea of handling the off-road, in an SUV.

  3. At what time do I need to report at The MotoMazing Adventure Park?

    8:30 AM, please. We start at 9 after refreshments and a bite. Food is important. ;) If you get late, you miss, what you miss. The food, the start, the introductions...who knows. 

  4. How many laps can I perform on the track? For how long can I drive on the track?

    After the instructor has taken you through the basics, you get at least 3 laps to practice. More depending on how the day goes. The track is also available later whenever you want to come in. We will also have practice days...but this is the start.

  5. Is the fee for both the days? 

    This is a one day program and is repeated on day two for another set of SUV drivers. We will be opening the track for practice for all our members and you can come back for practice as much as you want. For details, speak with the instructor when you meet.

  6.  Do I need to carry any kind of gear with me like a suit and helmet? if not, can I rent the gear at the venue?

    Since it is a level 1 training, the intensity will be easy-moderate, and we do not see a need for gear just yet. Do however dress comfortably does get warm on the track. Outdoors are outdoors.

  7.  What happens if my car breaks down during the run? 

    A mechanic will be available for minor repairs. If your vehicle is generally in good condition, it should not require much. 

  8.  Will there be food available?

    Of course! Khaana nahi toh maza nahi. We will provide simple, healthy food at breakfast, lunch and evening snack ...and something to sip for hydration through the day. 

  9. Can I bring my family and friends along?

    Yes, of course, family and friends are most welcome. We will charge only for food (Rs. 750/- for all meals). Do however let us know beforehand so the arrangements can be made. 

  10. What are the prerequisites for me to participate?

    An adventurous heart and mind, willingness to learn, love for your SUV, an SUV (4x4), a valid Driving Licence, Vehicle Registration number and  Insurance. We will get an indemnity signed by all participants, as all programs like this involve a certain amount of risk.

  11. What are the timings for the event?

    9 AM till 4 PM, both days. 

  12. Can I register for the event physically at the event? 

    We prefer that you book beforehand, please. However, if you do wake up in the last moment, call Srikanth and we will see if there are slots available. Srikanth is a nice guy but a tough trainer. :)

  13. What is the fee for the training?

    Rs. 3800/- only.

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