Tame the beauty, beautifully! Off-roading basics.

The rough patches, the forests, the rocks, boulders and rivers - do they look like a place where you’d like to rip your motorcycle? Do you want to test the mettle of your motorcycle off-road? Or do you remember the time when you felt helpless encountering that ‘none of a kind’ off-road terrain?

Off-roading isn't rocket science if done properly. No! We’re not talking about competitive off-roading, but the basics that will help you in getting out of those tricky terrains. Be it monsoon or any treacherous highland road, this article will make you capable enough to handle everything that comes on your way.

Precaution! Play safe

Off-road tracks are not as grippy as paved road due to which there are infinite chances of falling down. Brake and clutch levers tend to break during a fall, which might create trouble. It is recommended to keep the yokes a little loose so that they will swing instead of breaking during a fall. Also, make sure the tyres are in good condition or else they will ensure that you fall.

Keep it steady! Not slow, not fast

We’re talking about riding a motorcycle off-road. The mantra of crossing a slushy patch or puddle is to maintain a steady throttle, inconsistent throttle inputs will cause the tyres to lose traction which will end up in wheelspin or a stalled engine. Be gentle on the throttle while crossing a slippery patch of road.

Try different positions! Go beyond conventional

Stand, sit, lean forward, lean back and do every possible thing to manoeuvre the motorcycle. Just sitting and riding isn’t something which is done while off-roading. Balance the motorcycle by gripping the fuel tank with your knees and keep shifting the body to maintain the balance. Remember! Always look forward, it will give you a fair idea of what's coming and a little more time to react. Never look down otherwise you’ll be down.

Go sliding! Slide it, it’s fun.

The only wheel that should be planted and gripped is the front wheel, as losing the grip on front-wheel will cause a fall. Avoid moving the handlebar swiftly on a slippery surface but rear-wheel can be locked and spun while changing the direction. Start riding slowly around the corner, apply the rear brakes so it locks the wheel causing a skid and simultaneously turn the handlebar in the direction you want to go. Although this move is tricky, practice and time will help you perfect this move.

Bonus Tip !

Use two fingers instead of four! Be gentle

Start using the clutch and brake with two fingers, this will help you in maintaining a firm grip on the handlebar.

At Motomazing, we think basic off-roading skills are necessary as they help in manoeuvring the motorcycle better on almost every terrain. We hope now you’ll be more comfortable and confident on the saddle no matter what comes your way.

Hope to see you enjoy riding it rough! ;) Let us know what you think about these tips and if we missed anything in the comments below. Stay MotoMazing.

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