Indian Manufacturers. Accessible Performance ?

Fire up your heart as the time for accessible performance has arrived in India !

If you’re a 90’s kid and a motor enthusiast, you must have grown up with the dream of

owning a Hero Honda Karizma, Hero Honda CBZ or a Bajaj Pulsar. Back then, these motorcycles used to be performance-oriented products with drop-dead gorgeous aesthetics. One interesting fact that all of them have in common is that they all have come from the stables of Indian manufacturers.

Some manufacturers partnered with foreign manufacturers, some did it indigenously. These motorcycles were a breath of fresh air to the youth of India. Do you remember the 200 km/h mark on the odometer of Hero Honda Karizma?

God! It was something which made everyone feel that this motorcycle is from the future. Although, the performance was not justified to clock that mark, which we had to accept later with a sigh of disappointment. Bajaj Pulsar had its own perks; cheap price and high performance, with all the hyped tech-terms of the time in place. Bajaj was the company which kept on bringing more and more, be it a cruiser or the elder siblings of the Pulsar. They pushed the performance figures further with every launch. The reason why all of us wanted a Pulsar to rip through the city was to flaunt that surge of power. Accept it, it’s justified!

TVS joined the party later with its Apache 150 stirring up the hot debate amongst enthusiasts about which bike would outperform the other. Bajaj came back with a bang with their Pulsar 220F which took the market by storm. It looked sinister. Didn't it? Fuel injection, projector headlamp, dual disc brakes, extreme performance and whatnot, it ticked all the right boxes of being an ideal performance motorcycle.

India is an extremely price-sensitive market, and it isn’t new to manufacturers. Bajaj and TVS are the manufacturers which play well with the less for more philosophy. These manufacturers have taken the game further by partnering with foreign manufacturers which resulted in some modern age motorcycles loaded with top-notch technology at a staggering price tag. Bajaj and KTM’s joint venture has produced motorcycles like Duke/RC 200, Duke/RC390 which took the performance biking to a whole new level. TVS joined hands with BMW and made the Apache RR310. Mahindra & Mahindra brought back the diminished JAWA in a new avatar with all the latest techs. In short, the glory days of performance bikes in India have arrived.

The consumers know what they want and the manufacturers are leaving no stoned unturned to provide the best deal and steal the market.

A lot of foreign manufacturers are outsourcing engine and other components from Indian

manufacturers. This gives a fair idea of the quality Indian manufacturers have maintained. True, the vroom of a Japanese performance motorcycle will still manage to turn your head around; but the price tag keeps you away. Thankfully, Indian manufacturers are heading in the right direction. With the motorcycles like Bajaj Dominar, KTM triplets, Apache RR310 and Jawa, the gap between Indian enthusiasts and performance motorcycles is bridging. Foreign manufacturers have also tried to dip their paws in the stream, but their high-end motorcycles come at a high-end price tag which has very little chance in the super-competitive Indian market. Indian brands can be preferred over foreign brands as they are cheaper and have the same level of quality. Indian manufacturers are bringing more and more feature-loaded products. The time is not very far when Indian manufacturers will excel in the two-wheeler market. This is just a start, there’s a lot more to come.

At MotoMazing, we call it “Accessible Performance”. What would you call it? Tell us in

the comments section below.

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